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Home from rehab ~ Lessons from Cancer

This is a quick update since I'm not quite up to writing a whole piece.  I'm still a little foggy and think I've probably over medicated myself on top of everything else that's happened, so I'm still a little out of it. I got home from rehab on Tuesday and it's been a blur since.  I must have … [Read more...]

I just want my brain to wake up ~ Lessons From Cancer

I just want my brain to wake up By Joyce Rothman I want my brain to wake up fully but patience is the name of the game these days. Putting it all in perspective though, it is waking up so much more than it was just two days ago and it’s getting better each … [Read more...]

I’m so grateful to my Lessons from Cancer.


My piece for the newspapers and blog is due this AM and I’m just starting it now because I’ve been distracted with going into Boston everyday for radiation treatments. (Today’s the last, by the way.) My bills are overdue, there’s a pile of paper work that needs to be done.  Lists are made … [Read more...]

How belief can influence cancer ~ Lessons from Cancer

believe you can

Five radiation treatments down and nine to go: I am feeling so much better than last week,   not only a physical level but on emotional and spiritual ones too.  There’s been a shift in my energy and while I don’t know yet if I can fully explain how, I want to try.  Something, actually many … [Read more...]

The cancer has now spread to my brain and pelvis ~ Lessons from Cancer

Holding on to hope

Its 6:40 am and I’m having my brain and pelvis radiated this morning.  I have four metastatic lesions that have spread from my lung to my brain and one to my pelvis.  They tell me that I should do well and have good success of the tumors being zapped.  I feel confident, but I still wonder how … [Read more...]